Prisca is a soulful and vibrant indie artist and she unapologetically shows all of her colors. Her magical versatility and strength as a vocalist, songwriter and piano player, create musical nuances that steal your breath as you experience her performance. This becomes the common thread in her music and in her self-empowering messages.

When we were chosen to design Prisca's branding we knew it had to reflect every aspect of her artistry. Getting to know Prisca we realized that she also expresses her art through painting and that she always has a bit of a creative mess around her. This inspired us to make the website youthful and whimsical. To add ultimate personality we also incorporated some of her original watercolor art throughout the site, and because Prisca is a writer we used a typewriter font for all paragraphs.

The website is responsive and built in a dynamic, parallax style. We also provided search engine optimization, ensuring that the website ranks high as Prisca's current and future fans search online. 

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